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Perfect for sharing with young children

– Kirkus

One adorable, irresistible, stinky bear.

– San Jose Mercury News

This should engender roars of approval.

– Kirkus Reviews

Big Smelly Bear

By Britta Teckentrup

Big Smelly Bear never washes or brushes his fur. Everywhere he goes he is followed by a big smelly stink. He is so smelly that none of the other animals in the forest want to go near him. One day, Big Smelly Bear gets an itch which he cannot reach. Luckily, Big Fluffy Bear comes along and offers to help him, but first, she tells him, he must take a bath. When Big Smelly Bear eventually agrees, a warm friendship begins to develop. A fun-filled story with a sweet-smelling ending.

Board Book
3rd October 2013
0-3 Years
180 mm x 140 mm 26 Pages

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