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Toon’s stories are beautifully told, quirky and delightful, with the warmth of the wonderful Pooh stories. Jessica Ahlberg’s illustrations perfectly complement the mood of the writing, they’re a joy!”

– Wendy Cooling, MBE, Founder of Bookstart

The thoughtful and unusual stories have a lightness of touch making these poetic parables a delight for anyone lucky enough to read them.

– The Bookseller

A Great and Complicated Adventure

Written by Toon Tellegen
Illustrated by Jessica Ahlberg

" I know a riddle," the squirrel told the elephant. "Oh," said the elephant. "What do I get if I guess the right answer?" "I don't know. You'll never guess the answer." "Then I won't try," said the elephant. The squirrel and the ant and friends return for another extraordinary collection of stories from the pen of Toon Tellegen, illustrated by Jessica Ahlberg.

3rd October 2013
5+ Years
175mm x 125mm 160 pp plus separate ends

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