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Lily’s drawing of a friendly faced brown bear comes delightfully to life ... This is a cosy, happy picture book

– Sunday Times on Lily and Bear

Lily and Bear Grumpy Feet

By Lisa Stubbs

Something is not right. The day is too rainy, the teapot too dribbly and Lily’s sunshine colour is missing from her crayons. Oh no, she’s woken up with Grumpy Feet! What can her best friend Bear do to turn the grumps back into the jumps?

Lily and Bear are back with another FABULOUS adventure.

Author / illustrator information:
Lisa’s work is inspired by her family life. Lily and Bear began when her daughter, Skyla, drew a picture of lots of little, coloured hearts and said, “This is the colour of my love for you, Mummy.” Lisa created a screen print based on this drawing, which you can see on the endpapers to Lily and Bear. Lisa wanted to explore her children’s pictures and their child-like way of looking at the world and that’s how Lily and Bear was born.

This is Lily and Bear’s second adventure. The first one was published to critical acclaim.

6th July 2017
3-6 years
273mm x 250mm 32 pages

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