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Ford's artful text is both fluid and evocative, yet it's right at a child's level in both word choice and premise.

– Booklist

Ford's text has a poetic rhythm that emphasizes the senses as the rabbits explore their wintry world... Braun's illustrations, especially of the bouncing bunnies with their floppy ears, are particularly engaging and complement the story wonderfully.

– School Library Journal

First Snow

Written by Bernette Ford
Illustrated by Sebastien Braun

It is cold for early winter. Snow begins to fall – first slowly – big flakes softly falling, melting fast. The discovery of winter's first snow is beautifully told by Bernette Ford, with cosy illustrations by Sebastien Braun. Now available as a paperback with shimmering silver glitter on the cover.

Board Book
6th September 2018
0-5 years
170 x 170 26 pages

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