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Magical Mail

Written by Claire Barker

If there is one thing you can say with absolute certainty, it's that ten-year-old Faith Smyth is no hero. Her father is a brain-surgeon, her mother is a kick-boxer, her sister is a beauty queen, and her little brother is a chess champion, but all Faith is good at is forgetting her PE kit. So it comes as a bit of a surprise when she alone is chosen to save the magical world from impending doom. You see, Faith loves stories, especially ones full of dragons and mermaids, kings and treasure. But now a shadowy informer has stolen a pile of correspondence from some famous, fearsome fairytale characters and is planning to reveal that they're very ordinary indeed. And that would ruin the magic for everyone! Faith intercepts the letters and reluctantly sets about returning them to their senders. Her journey through the magical world is full of danger, surprises and help in unexpected places. But along the way, Faith finds an inner strength that she never knew she possessed - and discovers that she might just be a bit of a hero after all...
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October 2010
7-9 years
195mm x 153mm 164 pages