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Only an author and artist of Jane Ray’s dazzling talent could do justice to this stunning collection of bird stories, which she has told with elegant simplicity and illustrated in full colour throughout. This is the perfect gift to make a child’s imagination soar.

— Shirley Hughes OBE

The Little Mermaid and Other Fishy Tales

By Jane Ray

This is the second extraordinary volume of tales collected, retold, and illustrated by Jane Ray, one of the world’s leading artists of stunning picture books. This volume, The Little Mermaid and Other Fishy Tales, includes something for everyone: The Fisherman and His Wife, and Whalesong , Lobster Quadrille, The Ballad of John Silver and many more.

Author / Illustrator information:
Jane has garnered rave reviews from the world’s leading national press for her many works with major publishing houses (Orchard / Candlewick). This is Jane’s first series with Boxer Books.

6th March 2014
5+ years
9.64 x 6.88 inches portrait 176
$19.95/Can. $21.95

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