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“. . . stunning illustrations . . . this is a wonderful collection to share . . .”

— Julia Eccleshare, Love Reading and the Guardian children’s book editor

“Only an author and artist of Jane Ray’s dazzling talent could do justice to this stunning collection of bird stories, which she has told with elegant simplicity and illustrated in full colour throughout. This is the perfect gift to make a child’s imagination soar.”

— Shirley Hughes OBE

“A book to be relished for its text, art and overall design.”

— Booklist

“. . . visually stunning . . .a gorgeous collection.”

— School Library Journal

How much does a ladybug weigh?

By Alison Limentani

Have you ever wondered how much a ladybug weighs? What about the weight of a snail, a bird or even a swan? In Alison Limentani’s extraordinary and original picture book she introduces us to a fascinating world of numbers, weight and wildlife.

Did you know that 9 ladybugs weigh the same as 1 grasshopper? Or that 6 snails weigh the same as 1 starling? A truly inspired book that will keep the young amazed, amused and intrigued.

3rd March 2016
3-5 years
10 3/4" x 9 7/8" 32 pages
$16.95 / Can.$19.95

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