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Readers should be tickled by the guessing-game aspect of the story, and Braun offers ample opportunities for the discussion of colors, shapes, animals and objects.

— Publishers Weekly

Meeow and the Pots and Pans

By Sebastien Braun

Today, Meeow and his friends are in the kitchen. They look through the cupboards and find all sorts of interesting things—a green colander, a wooden spoon, an orange frying pan, and lots of brightly colored mixing bowls. What will they do with all these cooking things? Little ones will love joining in as Meeow and his friends use the objects they have found to make musical instruments. Meeow and the Pots and Pans is the third book in the Meeow series, which focuses on creative play around the home. Complete with a furry touch-and-feel Meeow on the jacket!

Board Book
6th September 2012
0-3 years
6 3/4” x 6 3/4” 26 pages
$6.95/Can. $8.95

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