Laura Ellen Anderson

Author & Illustrator

Laura Ellen Anderson graduated from University College Falmouth (England) in 2010 ready to take on the world of illustration. She has been working ever since, with a number of publishers in the UK and the US, and loves every minute of it. Her successful collaboration with Boxer Books has resulted in five new board books full of familiar, stylish and adorable Kittens, Puppies, (Spring 14) Bunnies and Chicks (Spring 15) and a very special winter book - Snow Babies (fall14) Laura is also the creator of the regular comic strip 'Evil Emperor Penguin' the Phoenix comic, (UK) a weekly story comic for kids and adults alike! If Laura could spend all of her time in a bookshop with a cup of coffee she would; however, there's lots of work to be done and many a book to illustrate!

Books by Laura Ellen Anderson